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Harbor and Bridge

Neighborhood Center | Service | Church

This corner of W.44th and Bridge Ave. has held many different names for 140 years but it has always been a space committed to serving the neighborhood.  We hope it continues to be a place where people might learn and grow in the context of community. 

There's much happening right now at Harbor and Bridge. It serves as a community center hosting yoga classes, a mindfulness group, a Sudanese Cultural School, and more. It is also a service center where neighbors can find basic needs through Trials for Hope or a bike with the bicycle ministry. And it also serves as a United Methodist Church for anyone searching for a sacred space and a community of good people!


What We Do

Serving Residents in Need and Connecting Neighbors


A space for neighbors to host groups and start ideas.

Ways for neighbors to support and serve one another.

United Methodist congregation - the Good News for EVERYONE.


Who We Are

Our story is one of bringing new life into a timeless space. For many years, our building housed a United Methodist congregation serving the Hispanic community on Cleveland's Westside. As the community grew and changed, it became clear that our mission needed to grow and change, too. 

Harbor and Bridge is still a United Methodist affiliated space. We are proud of our United Methodist roots, and we see that as a starting point for creating community partnerships across denominational lines and with neighbors of other faith traditions and beliefs. Today, we strive to provide needed services and resources to residents and desire to be a place where neighbors can connect with one another.

At Harbor and Bridge, when we say "open doors," we mean it.

Contact Harbor and Bridge

Interested in reserving some space? Want to volunteer with programs to serve the community? Or have a general question? Email, call, or set up a time to meet one of our staff!

4321 Bridge Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113


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